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Welcome to The RV CEO

Vic IdeI’m a corporate HR geek who was always craving freedom and purpose. But instead, I was shackled to the 9 to 5. I felt like my soul was being sucked out of me every day when I drove up to the office. So, I left my good paying corporate job and started a small business that I eventually sold. I still didn’t feel like I had the freedom to work when and where I wanted.

Then, I bought an Airstream trailer, downsized my life, and lived in that for a while. The RV is my symbol of freedom. While doing that I learned how to build an online business, step-by-step. It changed my life. Yes, an HR geek learned how to build a website and created an online business. I even used that knowledge to build a website design business.


What is your symbol of freedom

I want to help you get free from whatever is bogging you down and help you create a successful business. Whether it’s an online business or a small business where you can work from home. Or, maybe from the beach or an RV! Whatever your symbol of freedom is, you have the power to achieve it.  If an HR guy can learn how to build a website and create an online business, anyone can!


The mission of The RV CEO

My mission is to help you create a step-by-step plan for quitting your day job and building your own successful business where you have the freedom to work from anywhere. All the tools, resources and knowledge you’ll need are right here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,

Vic Ide


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