How To Make Money From Anywhere

How to make money from anywhere

This is the question a lot of freedom seekers are Googling on a daily basis…how to make money from anywhere. It’s the same question I was asking years ago when I set out in my Airstream to travel the country. In this article, I will walk you through the 4-step process of making money while … Read more

How To Be Successful In Your Own Business – 5 Easy Steps

I left a great paying job in the corporate world several years ago to start my own business. It was an in-home senior care company. I learned a ton about starting a business from scratch, growing it quickly and eventually selling it. In this article, I will show you the 5 things I learned about … Read more

Living Full Time in an Airstream – 7 Things to Consider

Doesn’t living full time in an Airstream sound romantic? The idea of waking up every morning and not having to go to work. The freedom to go anywhere you want. Drinking coffee while the sun is rising through the windows of the trailer and wondering what you’ll do that day. Well, I did just that. … Read more

How To Downsize Your Life – 6 Easy Steps!

Several years ago I downsized my life from a 3-bedroom home to a 22-foot Airstream trailer. I quit my good paying corporate job and set out to live in my Airstream Eddie Bauer and figure out what the next chapter of my life would be. It’s a journey that had some challenges but it changed … Read more

What is a Freedom Lifestyle? And, How Can I Get One?

I’ll bet if you asked one million people “what is a freedom lifestyle”, you would get one million different answers. The RV is my symbol of freedom. The ability to wake up and go wherever and whenever I want. Being in nature and surrounding myself with beauty and simplicity. Perfection! No more having to “be” … Read more