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What are keywords?

Keywords define what the content on your website is about. When people type a search phrase into Google, they are looking for information on something. Perhaps they’re looking to solve a problem. Google then scours the internet looking for websites that have those keywords and will return search engine results that are relevant to what that person is searching for.


Important data to look for when searching for high quality keywords

When you perform a keyword search in Jaaxy, you’ll get a whole lot of important information related to that keyword (or phrase).  Check out the results I got on a recent search for ‘how to get a mouse off of a glue trap’.  Yes, I actually had to do that search myself so I know there is traffic on that keyword.  🙂


Here is the information you want to look for:

Avg – This is the average number of searches per month for this keyword.

Traffic– This is the average number of visitors you can expect to your site if you can rank on the first page.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) – this is the ULTIMATE metric that shows the number of websites competing for this EXACT keyword. Ideally, this number should be as low as possible. I usually look for keywords that have less than a 100 QSR. But, 300 is still ok.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – This metric will give you an instant indicator of the keyword quality for your marketing campaign. The closer the KQI is to 0 the better. Green=good; yellow=decent; Red= stay away.

SEO– This is the algorithmic score of opportunity for you. It’s a good indicator of how likely your keyword will get SEO rankings. The higher the number the better.

Domains – This shows you what domains are available (if any) that match the keyword.


Get your content ranked in search engines

Taking time to research keywords will help you identify what type of content people are searching for.  Creating quality content with keywords that have high traffic and low competition will guarantee that people find your website.

As you can see in the image above, the QSR number in this example is “0” which means that this is an awesome keyword and your chance of ranking on page one of the search engine results is all but inevitable.

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